Hello friends, my name is Lt. Col. Jim Hughes, and lives in London all alone.  I wish to share my story and experience with MucleFood Recipes where you can get special deals and discounts on your favorite recipes in the form of MuscleFood Discount Codes.  

I am 61 years old and living a bachelor’s life after being retired from the British Army and divorcing my wife.  The entire family was enjoying a peaceful life until our two sons married and shifted with their wives to other cities.   My wife insisted I move to New York where one of our sons is settled.  However, I do not have any intention to shift from London as all my official and social circle is established in London.   After an argument for more than a year and a half, she could not manage life with me and finally, we decided to live separately and she get divorced from me and migrated to New York.

I am now used to living alone, having busy at different Gym, Clubs and spending time with my friends in the evening and nights.   But on the weekends, I feel bored and alone, especially when it comes to food-related issues as I missed home food the most.  I do not have any idea of cooking and only can manage tea and boiled eggs.   For quite sometimes, I bring food from outside or call the food from online services which affect my health and I gained some weight as well.    I then start thinking of searching for some alternates, which are to get married again or hire a cook and else.   After deep thought and discussion, I quit the idea of the second marriage, as it would be difficult for me to start a new life again.  To get a cook for me only is also not a worthy option, as it would become a waste of money.  

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A friend of mine introduced me to “MuscleFood” and advise me to test the food, which could be an excellent remedy to my problem.   The Brand has also offered special deals and discounts on my favorite receipts in the form of Muscle Food Discount Code.   Moreover, there is a Recipe Card with every meal, so that anybody can attempt for good food.

The suggestion was worth and I decided to use this option as a test case.  The next day, I asked for a Fresh and Easy Cooking – “Honey-Dijon Glazed Stake” from the MuscleFood which was delivered in a smart and clean pack with Recipe Card as well.    The recipe card helps me in preparing the food easily.   The taste of the food was as per my expectation and I was so happy and excited that my long pending problem is resolved in one day.

The next day, I thank my friend for his valuable suggestion and invited all my friends to my home next week for a dinner, as I know that “Muscle Food Recipes” will have the preparation guidelines with them and I have to just follow the instructions.

Thank you MuscleFood for getting me out of a problem and making me proud in front of my friends and colleagues.