From pregnancy through birth to motherhood… We are saving lives.

Our impact

Every 20 minutes, a woman in Haiti dies during pregnancy, making it the top cause of death for Haitian women. She is 26 times more likely to die from pregnancy and childbirth than a women in the United States.

Mimsi has improved access to care for 4760 pregnant women in rural Haiti. We have reduced maternal deaths by 16-fold regionally.


A pregnant women in Haiti often faces great obstacles to care for herself and her unborn child. Age, poverty, long distances, structural inequalities, poor understanding of prenatal care--all pose very real blocks to accessing pregnancy care.

We offer innovative, sustainable mobile solutions powered by the Haitian community. Our trained Haitian staff schedule monthly visits to remote rural areas, drive out to deliver prenatal services, and find women and babies at risk of dying.

Prenatal Screening

We start pregnancy care with a free pregnancy test. During the 40 weeks of pregnancy, we screen our patients for conditions that may cause harm the mother, her baby or both. Here are some of the conditions that can kill women in Haiti:

Community education

Community education is the key to saving lives. Young women and men enter into our Pregnancy Care Provider Program to master prenatal care and to practice in our mobile pregnancy clinic. They gain further training inside of our other programs below.

You have the power

to save the life of a mother and her child.