Our Story

Rose Annette–a 49-year-old Haitian woman living in the rural village of Boyer outside of Les Cayes with her five children and husband–is 36-weeks pregnant with twin girls and has not had any prenatal care.  A severe pain in her stomach brings her to her knees.  The pains come and go violently.  She is in labor and sends her 4-year-old daughter to fetch the local lay midwife.  When they return, the daughter and midwife discover Rose Annette passed out on the ground bathing in a pool of expanding blood.  The lay midwife quickly unhinges the door to the hut where Rose Annette lives, ties Rose Annette to the door, attaches the door to her waist, and proceeds to drag Rose Annette’s pale, pregnant form down the mountain to the clinic located an hour away by foot.

Unfortunately, Rose Annette is suffering from pre-eclampsia, a condition of pregnancy marked by dangerously high blood pressures, seizures and strokes.  Coaching his mother and the midwife on how to stabilize and get Rose Annette to the closest hospital in Les Cayes, Dr. Tovar is inspired to create Mimsi.

Read our timeline to see how Mimsi has grown since.



Rose Annette gives birth to twin girls and almost dies. This inspires Dr. Tovar to create Mimsi.


The Birth of Mimsi

Mimsi pilot project conducted in St. Jean du Sud with four staff and 25 patients.


Making A Difference

By December 2015, Mimsi enrolls 1210 pregnant women and lower maternal mortality by 80% for this population.

On The Road

Mimsi launches the first mobile pregnancy clinic with 8 staff members and 5 selected villages.



Mimsi launches into 6 more villages and over the course of the year enroll 1198 new patients; the staff number increases to 17.


Mimsi partners with the Haitian Ministry of Public Health and Population to improve maternal health care access.


Continued Impact

Mimsi enrolls 2793 new patients by December; Mimsi receives its first mobile pregnancy vehicle


Funding and Mobile App

Mimsi receives grant from Inter-American Development Bank to support the expansion of it mobile clinics and develop a mobile app to reduce maternal mortality.