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We level the field of prenatal care by bringing clinics to pregnant women

We train field volunteers

Community education is the key to saving lives. Young women and men enter into our Pregnancy Care Provider Program to master prenatal care and to practice in our mobile pregnancy clinic. They gain further training inside of our other programs below.

We offer free screening

70% of women don't know they are pregnant in the first trimester. Providers walk through neighborhoods offering free pregnancy tests to women wherever they are.

We set up mobile clinics

Mimsi transforms abandoned spaces into fully functional clinic spaces to serve our patients.

We invest in infrastructure

We developed Prenatal Cloud™ to coordinate information and resources for our patients.

Providers use our Prenatal Cloud™ and begin to lower the unbalanced doctor-to-patient ratio, improving detection of complicated pregnancies and increasing the referrals of complicated cases to hospitals.

We need your help

to save lives of numerous mothers-to-be.